Mole Trapping

Description and Appearance

Moles are solitary, subterranean mammals that are closely related to hedgehogs and shrews. Many people make the mistake in believing that they are rodents. They are an animal that is found throughout North America. Their incessant tunneling can cause major damage throughout a yard, crop field, or landscaping.

They are a smaller size mammal that only reaches sizes of 5 to 8 inches long. They have disproportionately large front feet and claws that are built for digging. Considering their size, they have muscular shoulders and necks to power those large front feet for productive digging. They have fur that is gray or brown, long snouts, no visible eyes (because they are covered by fur), and no visible ears.


Moles dig elaborate tunnel systems and the entrances to these tunnels can be identified by the mounds of dirt that are left behind (also known as molehills). These tunnels can be found in places like urban or suburban yards/properties, farms, pastures, grasslands, and even woodlands. There are also some species that are semi-aquatic and will search through different bodies of water to find food.

Entry and Damage

Moles are going to enter areas that have moist, loose soil because they spend a majority of their lives underground and the soil needs to be conducive to that. It is very rare to find a mole inside of home or building. They are an animal that is active all year round and will enter yards, gardens, and properties so that they can find food, breeding locations, and safe places to build a den. The combination of their subterranean life with the fact that they are always tunneling, they are a difficult animal to catch, remove, and permanently eliminate.

Their tunnels are the major source of the damage that moles will cause comes from their tunnels. They tunnel close to the surface in search of food like worms, grubs, and other insects. This tunneling can cause holes to be dotted across a yard, garden, pasture, or golf course. These tunnels will also prevent grass and plants from taking root causing them to either turn brown or die. They can also cause a lawn or field to feel spongy as people walk across it.

Control and Removal

These animals are not protected by any law so there are a lot of options that people can use to rid their yard of these pests. Every circumstance, situation, and location will be better suited to a different method of removal. Things like bait and traps can be effective in many instances as long as it is done by a professional who understands where to place them.

Trapping is considered to be the most effective method of removal. It is a process that can be tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating because of the elusive nature of these animals. This is why people should call on the services of professional removal experts. They will know how to properly assess the situation and how to proceed to make sure that they are successful.

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