Groundhog / Woodchuck Removal

Description and Appearance

These hibernating rodents are the inspiration for the American holiday known as Groundhog’s day where they “predict” the circumstances for the changing of winter to spring. They are a species of marmot that is widespread throughout Canada and the United States. Woodchucks are related to squirrels and they live in underground burrows in fields, pastures, and other open areas.

Their fur is usually a shade of brown or yellowish-gray and can reach sizes of 2 feet long and up to 15 pounds. They are a robust rodent that has a flat head, short legs, a bushy tail, and a rounded nose.


They have quite a far-stretching range that goes from the East Coast of the United States into the Midwest, spreading further south, and as far north as Alaska. They are burrow-dwelling animals that are active during the day (diurnal). They spend several hours of their day feeding before they return into their burrows to remain protected from predators. Woodchucks are shy animals that will not enter a home because they try to stay away from people.

Entry and Damage

These mammals hibernate during the winter, which means they need to be voracious eaters during the spring and summer in order to generate fat reserves in order to survive the winter months. They will enter yards and property in search of food. Gardens, landscaping, and crops are areas of a property that are the most attractive areas for woodchucks in their search for food.

The damage they cause is confined outside. The burrows they dig will cause holes and dirt piles that can be tripping hazards for people, pets, and livestock and even cause damage to equipment. Gardens and plants can see major damage due to their constant eating to get ready for the winter months. Because they are rodents, they need to constantly gnaw in order to maintain their front teeth and they may do this on various plants throughout the landscaping of a property. Lastly, they can carry diseases and parasites that they can transmit to people.

Control and Removal

Woodchucks can cause enough damage that they are going to be removed. They are a species that can be difficult to trap, and it will require the help of a trained professional. People should refrain from handling it themselves because of the difficulty they pose in trapping and the disease and parasites they spread. Professionals are going to have the best tools and skills to make sure the trapping process is successful.

Once the animal has been removed, exclusion techniques can be implemented. Fences are one of the best ways to do this. Fencing around the property and metal screening below the ground (under the fence) will keep them from getting in. They are great diggers and climbers, so the fence needs to be at least 3 feet high in coupling with the screening underground. Porches and decks are also areas that will need to be protected against these animals. A great professional will be able to help and advise on all of these topics and resolutions.

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