Removal and Exclusion

These small animals are not known to be aggressive, but the assistance of a New Franklin Ohio squirrel removal professional is always a safe bet in comparison to handling a wild animal that a person may know nothing about. Professionals will be able to remove these animals and will understand the laws that may govern these game animals so that it is not done illegally. Once they are removed, exclusion needs to happen to keep them from coming back.

This is another part of the process that a professional can help with. They can inform owners about modifications and techniques that can be used to keep them out. Repairing broken windows and screens, capping chimneys, and keeping trees trimmed around a home are all some of the techniques that can help to reduce the chances of a future issue. These are all steps that are part of a bigger plan the pros can create to make sure that all the bases are covered. Read more on squirrels in attic New Franklin.

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How do squirrel get in an attic?

Attic Entry and Home Damages

Squirrels are common animals to see in areas of human habitation. Residential properties are attractive to them because they see trees as a source of both food and shelter. They are also an animal that is known to hibernate, and they will make their way into the attic of a home for a safe place to spend the winter.

They can cause quite a bit of damage throughout a yard and in an attic. They can litter a yard with holes as they bury or dig up nuts and seeds they have stored in the yard. Electrical wires are no match for their teeth and they can cause a fire hazard when they chew through them no one will know about until a fire happens. Gardens are also a place that they will destroy as they dig up the plants in their search for food. See more on squirrel removal New Franklin.

Description and Appearance

Squirrels can do damage inside a home or in the yard of a property. There are three different species that people will encounter in and around their homes; tree, ground, and flying. Some of the most common species are fox and, eastern gray squirrels.

Squirrels have short, thick fur that is bushiest around their tail. They can range in color from black and gray to red and brown and the fur on their undersides will be different shades than the fur on their back. For their size, they are muscular animals and have sharp claws, both are necessary to allow them to be good climbers. The average size of an adult is 12 to 25 inches, depending on the species.

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These animals require the presence of trees, but different species will prefer a different make-up for their preferred woodlands. For example, eastern gray squirrels like forests where they can travel near the canopy from tree to tree without having to go to the ground. Fox squirrels, on the other hand, prefer forested areas where the trees are a little more spaced out and open.

Their diet consists of nuts, seeds, flowers, fungi, and other plants. They are native to regions from southcentral Canada, throughout the United States and into northeastern Mexico. Some species have been introduced to European countries, like the United Kingdom and Ireland, where they are considered to be invasive species.

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When it comes to wildlife problems in New Franklin Ohio, we are the best rated for pest control. Animals in an attic can cause damage from minor to severe, our goal is to get them trapped and removed humanely and effectively before it gets severe. After the problem animals have been eliminated, we offer professional repairs for the entry points or just a single entry hole. For vacant den sites, call us any time and we can give a price quote for damage repair. As a professional trapping company from start to finish, we only offer service for wild animals, if you have a domestic animal need for a dog or cat please call the Stark county animal control office. We pride ourselves on being licensed and insured to safely get rid of any pest animal the same day or next day. We can get these furry tailed rats exterminated quickly and efficiently.  No matter the nuisance animal, we offer the best service available amongst all pest control companies.

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