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It is difficult for many people to deal with the death of an animal because of their love for them, but it is an inevitable part of nature. This may be a problem that will need to be dealt with when an animal has died within a home. There are numerous types of animals that may die in or around a home including rats, mice, raccoons, cats, dogs, or squirrels. A dead creature can lead to a lot more problems than the foul stench they will create as they decompose.

Identification and Locations

If an animal dies, they are not necessarily going to be in an area of a home that is easily seen or accessible to people. These areas can be inside a wall, ceiling, or attic and though they may not be obvious, there will be signs that there is a dead creature around. First, is the smell that the body will emit as it decomposes due to the different gasses that are produced by the body. The rotting flesh will also leak fluids that will stain the area and will grow as the body continues to decompose. There may also be an increase in other animals or pests in the area of the animal as well. The places that an animal lived in the home is going to be the same area where their bodies will be found. The location of the animal is going to depend on the type of animal because different animals will prefer to inhabit different areas of the home or yard. It is necessary for people to remain vigilant throughout their homes so that they can deal with an issue as soon as possible.

Diseases and Prevention

Dead creatures can transmit diseases and parasites to people if they come into direct or close contact with the animal. They can also transmit these parasites and diseases to pets as well. The body can contaminate soil, water, and the surrounding building materials if the body is left and not removed immediately. Decomposing bodies can also attract other pests like flies (who lay their eggs in these carcasses), worms, and crows who will scavenge on the body. The best way to prevent a dead and decomposing animal in a home is to prevent them from getting in in the first place. Professional exclusion techniques and structural maintenance are the best ways to make sure that they don’t get in. Areas like vents, windows, chimneys, and siding can be access points if they are not well-maintained.

Carcass Disposal

People should never just pick up a carcass. Professional pest control agents should be contacted so that it can be removed in the safest way possible. There are a lot of different diseases and other things that can go wrong if they are handled by someone who is not properly trained. It is also necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area where the animal carcass had been laying. Our professional removal experts will also be able to supply you with a list of the necessary products or equipment to get rid of the smell.


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