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Thank you Animal Control Specialists for your oustanding service. I am pleased with the fast, resposive service I received. Your company went above and beyond my expectations, and I would definetly recommend your company!

David Shiner

Uniontown, Ohio


Rob is great. Not only did he find and remove the squirrel quickly, but he offered to come back another time if there was any doubt on our part that other squirrels might be in the house. He is very professional, kind, and understanding. I would trust him 100% and call again to escort any unwanted critters out!

Sharon Rhea Ford

Hudson, Ohio

“I had contacted Rob for a raccoon that had taken up residence under my deck. While it hadn’t been a terrible nuissance, I didn’t want it to become one as it’s mating season etc, and it had begun to claw at my siding looking for a way to get in from under the deck. This was among the best customer service I’ve encountered. I contacted 5 area specialists on a Saturday morning to see if anyone was available, and he promptly answered the first call. Aside from removal of the raccoon being my primary concern, a close second was that the animal was treated as humanely as possible, which after talking just a few minutes with Rob both of these concerns were put to rest.

Granted all situations are different, but he was able to make it out about an hour after the initial call. Rob did a thorough inspection of my exterior grounds for areas critters could gain entrance, provided exclusion suggestions I or he can do for hire after the thaw to prevent this from happening again, and set up the trap. He was generous with information on the exclusion tactics so I could do the work myself, although I plan to have him do the work in the spring. He said to call day or night once the raccoon was trapped, which happened to be around 7:30 that night. Rob was able to head back same day to remove the raccoon.

Of the 5 contractors I spoke with, he was right in the mix on price. Nice to experience good people doing good work. A true professional.”

Michael Durinsky III

Akron, Ohio

Sealed all potential entry point for bats into my attic. Installed bat cones at three entry/exit points to allow the bats out but not be able to re-enter. Once 14 days past he removed the bat cones and sealed those points. Rob did an excellent job. He is very professional, courteous, and treats your home as thought it was his home. He pointed out a hornet nest in a bath fan exit and removed it so they would not come back and use it again. He responds quickly to the initial job and to a request for follow up because I saw what i thought was fresh bat guano. It turned to be old droppings that had fallen from above. He repeatedly told me for what it cost me he was more than willing to do follow-up.. He gives a two year guarantee on his work.

Definitely recommend him and would use again.

George Bokros

Streetsboro, Ohio

Set traps and removed three squirrels, then closed up entry point where squirrels had gotten into walls. Rob did an excellent job in helping us deal with our “squirrel issue.” More than responsive, he was proactive and showed concern for all aspects of our problem. He went way beyond expectations to serve our unique situation, was easy to work with, and in general was a pleasure to get to know. I have every confidence that the animals he removed were treated humanely as well. I recommend him without hesitation. I can’t say I look forward to working with him again (I hope we don’t have any more problems!), but if I have to have another animal removed, I have no doubt whom I’ll call.

John Botean

Canton, Ohio

Removed old bird nest from attic, re-sealed bathroom fan flexible duct exhaust tube with duct tape as it was not badly damaged. Removed old bird nest from first floor bathroom fan exhaust tube. Installed vent screens on 3 exhaust fan outlets to prevent birds from entering all bathroom exhaust vents in the future. Also sprayed a yellow jacket nest located in a cement hole just under the front porch cement pad where it joins a cement wall. The bird vent screens are guaranteed for 5 years, and based on their construction this guarantee looks good. Also, the yellow jackets are gone! The yellow jacket activity stopped within about 4 hours after the nest opening was treated – all quiet now! The yellow jacket extermination is a new service offered by Animal Control Specialistss.

They did a great job with both problems. It is also very convenient to call one business who can handle both types of problems. Rob and his Dad worked together to make timely progress on each problem. They were prompt, courteous and professional. Highly recommended.

Eric Snyder

Hudson, Ohio

I called Rob because my dog kept nosing around an area of my deck, and after flashing a light through the decking, saw an opossum looking back. Rob responded to my voicemail in about 15 minutes, and made arrangements to come to my home within the hour. Rob appeared promptly, and after assessing the situation, found there were also baby possums along with the mother. He suggested taking up a board from the deck (about 20 feet long), and directly removing the animals saying that if he set traps, the Mother might be trapped, but we’d have no idea if any babies were left behind. Rob worked for a good long time to get the deck board removed without damaging it, and finally pulled the planking back so he could reach the opossums. He quickly snared the animal and put it in a trap, finding 4 baby possums in addition. He also pulled out a huge amount of nesting material, and checked for any more baby opossums that might be left behind. Finding none, Rob replaced the decking, nailing it down once again, with no harm done to the deck. It looked good as new when he was finished.

Overall, he provided excellent service. He was knowledgeable of animals, and extremely informative. Rob has a great personality; friendly, easy to work with, and was very professional. I would highly recommend him if you have a critter problem. His service was impeccable!

Marie Gayetsky-Ghadiri

Akron, Ohio

Rob Winters, the owner, inspected my house for bats. I called Akron Pest Control, and they recommended Rob, since they do not deal with bats. I called Rob, and left a voice message, and he PROMPTLY returned my call. He gave me a lot of information about bats. I hired Rob Winters to go to my mothers house in Akron to inspect it for bats. I looked up his company on face book and Angie’s List. He was a member of Angie’s List, but did not have any reviews. I was hesitant to use him without any reviews, since there were other companies with A ratings on Angie’s List. I called three other companies, but felt that Rob was the most professional & knowledgeable on the phone that I decided to keep the appointment. I liked his Facebook page showing his family. I scheduled an appointment for the same day, and Rob arrived promptly on time. Rob spent approx. 1 hour thoroughly inspecting the inside of my mom’s house, and he also went outside of her house to inspect for entry points where the bats would have entered. He noticed areas that squirrels and raccoons could enter, but did not pressure my mom to have him fix it. He was very professional and polite. She is a senior citizen, and she felt very comfortable with him. He was very knowledgeable; he explained a lot about bats and where they might be entering her home. He did not try to sell her services that she did not need. He did not find the bat, but said he would come back within 7 days anytime 24/7 at no additional charge.

I would highly recommend him, and will use his services again if we have another problem with any pests. He talked to me (the daughter) before and after the appointment, and texted me several times to answer questions and keep me informed. He is a true professional. He knows about bats!

Christine Evans

Akron, Ohio

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