Copley Rodent Removal and Rodent Wildlife Proofing

Rodent Damage and Control

OHCopley rodent extermination services peak as the temperature outside drops. Rodents can do a lot of different damage to a home or building. They can chew through electrical wiring creating a fire hazard, tear up insulation to build their nests, and burrowing rodents can tear up a lawn before an owner even realizes there is a problem. They are also known to spread a lot of diseases that can be contracted by people such as leptospirosis, Hantavirus, rat bite fever, and salmonellosis. The parasites they car can carry disease like the bubonic plague. There are steps that owners can take to keep an infestation from happening. Sanitation is key to making sure that they do not have access to food sources. Rodent proofing is the process of sealing and repairing any small crack or hole around the outside of the home, it is important in making sure that mice do not get into the home. These may not work if an infestation has already occurred.

Description and Appearance


All rodents share a number of common characteristics like large, constantly growing teeth that require constant chewing to keep them at a manageable size. Many of them eat plants but there are some that will eat anything that they are able to get a hold of. They are considered to be pests because of the damage they can cause, the diseases they can spread, and the food and water they contaminate. There are between 1,000 and 2,000 rodent species on every continent except for Antarctica. They all have small eyes, round ears, and a tail that varies in length and other characteristics based on the species of rodent. Rats and mice have longer tails which aid them in their climbing and burrowing rodents like gophers have a smaller tail because it is not used in the way that rats and mice use it. They are mainly black, gray, or brown in color.

Habitat and Entry

OHRodents can thrive in all different types of habitats like deserts, jungles, forests, grasslands, and even cities and suburbs. Some of them will prefer to live off the ground in attics or trees and others will be ground dwellers who will dig burrows or occupy abandoned dens of other animals. There are a large majority of rodents that live in large, social colonies of multiple individuals. They will build nests in and around homes due to the abundance of food sources that these areas provide them. They are able to climb, jump, swim, dig, burrow, and chew their way into man-made buildings if they feel that they need to. Some species are small enough to fit through an open only ½ inch in diameter.

Call Our Ohio Rodent Experts

If there is one mouse in the house, a snap or glue trap that you get in the store will work just fine. If there is an infestation, professionals should be called. They are going to be able to offer knowledge and services for people to help them take care of the problem and prevent it from happening again. A professional will be able to help with trapping mice, rodent damage repair, home mouse exclusion, and establishing a plan for the given situation that an owner is dealing with.

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Regardless of species, wild animals all have individual personalities and there is no “one size fits all” control plan. Each job is unique and should be handled as such. It can be difficult, dangerous and even illegal for a homeowner to handle themselves or let an unqualified person attempt to. You really need someone who understands the animals to be able to properly solve your problem. We will assess your particular problems and implement a program to meet your needs while taking all applicable regulations into account. In some cases we can simply help you modify the habitat around your property to discourage unwanted animals from staying there.

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