In Ohio, there are specific local laws in place to regulate and control wildlife. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) plays a crucial role in managing and conserving the state’s diverse wildlife populations. One important law is the requirement for a hunting license to legally hunt and trap certain species. Additionally, there are regulations on the hunting seasons and bag limits for various game animals, such as deer, turkey, and waterfowl. Ohio also prohibits the possession, sale, or release of certain exotic animals without a permit. This ensures the safety of both the public and the animals themselves. Moreover, there are laws that protect endangered species and their habitats, preventing any harm or disturbance to these vulnerable populations. These local laws on wildlife control in Ohio aim to strike a balance between conservation efforts and the needs of the community.

Local Laws on Wildlife Control in Ohio

Understanding Ohio’s Wildlife Control Laws

Ohio is home to a diverse range of wildlife, from deer and raccoons to birds and bats. While these creatures contribute to the natural beauty of the state, conflicts can arise when they encroach upon human habitats. To maintain a balance between human and animal populations, Ohio has established local laws on wildlife control. These laws aim to protect both residents and the welfare of wildlife.

Permits and Licenses

In Ohio, it is crucial for wildlife control operators to comply with the state’s permitting requirements. These permits are issued by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and are necessary for the legal removal or relocation of certain protected animals. It is essential for wildlife control operators to possess the appropriate permits to ensure compliance with local laws.

Protected Species

Ohio recognizes the importance of protecting certain species that are endangered or threatened. As a wildlife control operator, it is crucial to be aware of these protected species and their habitats. Some examples of protected animals in Ohio include the Indiana bat, bald eagle, and Eastern massasauga rattlesnake. Special care must be taken when dealing with these species, and any encounters or removals must be reported to the ODNR.

Nuisance Wildlife

While Ohio aims to protect wildlife, it also acknowledges the need to address nuisance animals that pose a threat to public health and safety. Local laws allow for the removal or control of nuisance wildlife in certain situations. However, it is important to note that methods used for removal must be humane and in compliance with state regulations.

Trapping and Relocation

Trapping is a commonly used method for capturing nuisance wildlife. However, it is vital to follow specific guidelines when using traps. Ohio law requires that traps be checked at least once every 24 hours to ensure the captured animal’s welfare. Additionally, relocation of trapped animals must be done in accordance with ODNR regulations and should not pose harm to the animal or the ecosystem.

Professional Wildlife Control Operators

Given the complexity of Ohio’s wildlife control laws, it is advisable for residents to seek the assistance of professional wildlife control operators when dealing with nuisance animals. These operators have the necessary knowledge and permits to handle wildlife-related issues effectively and legally. By hiring a professional, residents can ensure that wildlife conflicts are resolved in a manner that is both humane and compliant with local laws.


In Ohio, local laws on wildlife control are in place to protect both residents and wildlife. By understanding these laws, obtaining the required permits, and following proper procedures, professional wildlife control operators can effectively address nuisance wildlife issues while ensuring the well-being of animals. It is crucial for both operators and residents to comply with these laws to maintain harmony between humans and Ohio’s diverse wildlife population.

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