Ohio is home to a diverse range of wildlife, but this abundance comes at a cost. The economic impact of wildlife damage in Ohio is staggering. According to a study conducted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, wildlife damage costs the state an estimated 0 million annually. This includes damage to crops, livestock, and property. For farmers, the impact is particularly severe, with deer alone causing an estimated million in crop damage each year. Additionally, nuisance wildlife such as raccoons and skunks can cause significant damage to homes and infrastructure, resulting in costly repairs and pest control measures. The economic burden of wildlife damage in Ohio is not only felt by individuals, but also by the state as a whole. As such, finding sustainable solutions to mitigate this damage is crucial for both the economy and the preservation of Ohio’s wildlife.

The Economic Impact of Wildlife Damage in Ohio

The Cost of Wildlife Damage

Wildlife is an integral part of Ohio’s diverse ecosystem, but it can also cause significant damage to property and infrastructure. The economic impact of wildlife damage in Ohio is a growing concern for residents, businesses, and the state as a whole.

Every year, countless homes, farms, and businesses fall victim to wildlife-related damage. From raccoons rummaging through trash cans to deer colliding with vehicles, these incidents not only result in financial losses but also pose a threat to public safety.

The agricultural industry, in particular, bears a heavy burden from wildlife damage. Crop depredation by deer, groundhogs, and other animals can lead to substantial losses for farmers. Wildlife also poses a threat to livestock, causing injury or death and increasing veterinary costs.

Impacts on Infrastructure

Wildlife damage is not limited to the agricultural sector. Urban areas are also susceptible to the economic consequences of wildlife encounters. Squirrels and birds nesting in electrical equipment can cause power outages, resulting in lost productivity and expensive repairs.

In addition, the presence of wildlife in urban areas can lead to property damage. Raccoons and squirrels can enter homes through small openings, causing structural damage and creating potential health hazards. Bats roosting in attics can contaminate living spaces with their droppings, requiring costly cleanup and remediation.

Public Health Concerns

Beyond the economic impact, wildlife damage in Ohio also raises public health concerns. Animals such as raccoons and bats can carry diseases that pose risks to humans and pets. Rabies, for example, is a significant concern when dealing with wildlife encounters.

Moreover, the presence of wildlife in urban areas increases the likelihood of interactions between humans and animals. These encounters can result in bites or scratches, potentially leading to the transmission of diseases or the need for medical treatment.

The Role of Wildlife Control Operators

Addressing the economic impact of wildlife damage requires effective wildlife management strategies. Wildlife control operators play a crucial role in mitigating these issues by providing professional and humane wildlife removal services.

Wildlife control operators are trained in identifying, trapping, and relocating problem animals. Their expertise helps protect property, prevent further damage, and ensure public safety. By employing ethical and environmentally responsible methods, these professionals help maintain the delicate balance between human needs and wildlife conservation.


The economic impact of wildlife damage in Ohio is a significant concern for residents, businesses, and the state. From direct financial losses to public health risks, wildlife encounters can have far-reaching consequences. The expertise of wildlife control operators is essential in effectively managing these issues and minimizing their impact on Ohio’s economy and society.

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