Green Skunk Removal

Description and Appearance

Skunks are nocturnal and they’re omnivores who will eat everything from insects to rodents, amphibians to garbage. They are characterized by that pungent smell they excrete from anal glands and those easily identifiable black and white stripes. That odor can serve as an irritant and can possibly cause temporary blindness. It is also a scent that can be smelled far from the area in which it was sprayed.

Different species of skunks can vary in the pattern of their black and white coloring, including being black with white spots. Skunks are comparable in size to domestic cats with small heads, stout legs, and five-toed paws that they use for digging.


These mammals prefer woodland habitats or areas near woodland habitat including, fields and pastures. They are nocturnal and will take advantage of burrows that have been abandoned by other animals and they will also build dens in hollow logs, brush piles, culverts. Skunks are also animals that will build dens under and around homes, porches, decks, and heating units.

Entry and Damage

The reasons that skunks make their ways into residential areas is because they are on the hunt for food and safe places to build their den. In nature, these animals will feed on insects, small rodents. Fruits, berries, snakes, and even frogs. Once they make their way into residential areas, they will adapt to the food sources that people make available to them like garbage and pet food.

There is a variety of damage that skunks are able to cause. Their habit of digging can damage areas like lawns, gardens, landscaping, and even golf courses. They utilize their spray when they feel they are threatened or cornered and this can cause things like nausea and pain (as well as being really difficult to get rid of). The worst part is that they can spray this odor up to 20 feet away, depending on the circumstances. Skunks can also cause structural damage and damage to insulation and ventilation as well.

Disease and Parasites

The most dangerous part about the damage they can cause is the diseases parasites that they are able to carry. It is a fact that skunks are one of the species that is known to carry the deadly rabies virus. They can also carry tularemia and distemper and all of these diseases are dangerous for people. The fleas, ticks, tapeworms, and mites they carry can also transmit diseases as well.

Trapping and Removal

Professional wildlife removal is the best way to make sure that a home and property are secured. Our professionals have the knowledge to educate a homeowner on the best and most effective control and removal methods. Locking trash cans, storing pet food out of their reach, and controlling the populations of other pests around a home are the best ways to keep them away, to begin with.

If a problem skunk is suspected of being on the property, trapping has been found to be the best way to get rid of them. This is definitely a process where a professional will be required. They are going to be able to handle this pest and do it in a way that is safe for the people who live on the property, themselves, and the skunk.


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