Stow Raccoon Removal

Description and Appearance

There are 7 known species of raccoons, six of them live on tropical islands and the northern raccoon is the species native to North America. They are a nocturnal mammal that is widespread throughout North America, but most typically in the wooded regions of the eastern United States. They are incredibly intelligent and have capable hands that can unhook latches and even open doors. Raccoons can even swim and run at a speed of 10 miles per hour.

They appear to be hunched as they walk because their back legs are longer than their front ones. Gray fur covers their body with the characteristic black strip across their eyes that make it look as if they are wearing a mask and black rings around their bushy tails. They are stalky animals with black eyes, short ears, and a narrow snout with a black nose at the very tip.


Raccoons are known to have the ability to flourish in the suburbs, urban, and rural areas alike. In their wild woodland habitats, much of their food comes from water sources in the form of clams, crayfish, snails, and turtles. They are omnivores who will also eat fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, and farm crops. They will nest in tree cavities, rocky crevices, and underground burrows and dens of other animals.

Raccoons that have adapted to human presence and created a life in the city or suburbs will scavenge for food in gardens, garbage cans, gardens, farm crops, and animal food. They will make their home in abandoned buildings, attics, and any number of areas where they can build a nest for themselves or their young.

Entry and Damage

Raccoons are incredible animals that will adapt to any sort of situation and they will make their homes around people easily. They will make their way into yards that have a food source available for them. Raccoons who have become comfortable around people have been known to use pet doors to get in and raid kitchens. Pregnant females will build nests for their young in attics, garages, sheds, chimneys, and abandoned buildings. They are an animal that will utilize anything and everything in their environment that can serve them a beneficial purpose.

They will do whatever it takes to get to the food and nesting sites they need. They will strip wire coverings and tear up roof tiles in order to make their way into a home. They will tear up plants and crops as they gorge themselves on food. Their ability to open latches expands the possible places they can go and will go to find food and a secure site to sleep the day away.

Control and Removal

Home and property owners must limit the factors that will attract a raccoon into a yard or home. They will want to limit any and all possible food sources because these will be the things that will initially draw them to a property. There are the obvious things like making sure trash is cleaned up and in a locked garbage can and store pet food where they cannot gain access to it. Then there are the little things like cleaning up after a barbecue.

The owner will also want to make sure that any and all possible access points are secured, and exclusion techniques put in place. Cutting overhanging tree limbs away from a roof, chimney caps, and other certified barriers installed as well.

These animals are protected by law because they are considered to be fur-bearing animals. Trapping needs to be done by a licensed professional wildlife control operator, to remove these animals. They can be difficult animals to deal with and a professional will be the best possible resource to make sure that a home or building is safe from these intelligent pests.

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